Rowan Winter
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Welcome to the official site of Scottish actor Rowan Winter.

For casting enquiries and further information please feel free to contact me via the contacts page.

As an actor I have been working in the performing arts professionally for the past six years in both the UK and abroad, from America right through to Abu Dhabi. Whilst my initial training was in Contemporary Performance, I have since expanded my career into Theatre, Radio, and most recently into TV and Film. These latter genres have proven to be immensely rewarding and so I now find myself actively seeking further roles in these mediums.

People often ask what is it that I want to do as an actor, and in a single word answer I can simply reply: Work. If it were an ideal world, however, my passions lie in the often polarised genres of classical/period drama and science-fiction/fantasy. I derive enormous pleasure from working with the texts of Shakespeare, Wilde and Shaw, amongst others, and so have spent considerable time studying various period dance forms and styles in support of this. At the same time I love productions such as “Merlin” and “Game of Thrones”, so have also studied horse riding, plus armed and unarmed combat in order to further my castability in this genre.

In point of fact, stage combat has become a strong passion for me, and since moving to London I have examined to Level 3 with the BADC. I work regularly with companies such as RC Annie and Independent Drama in order to continually develop my skills and keep myself in peak physical condition as a working actor.

I remain, as ever, passionate about my work, maintaining at all times a balanced and friendly working ethic with all those I have had the pleasure to develop projects with over the years. I continue to expand my horizons through regular training in various areas, and thrive on the challenges that each new production brings. I look forward to each new project, cast and character, and hope for a long career doing what I love best – what more could anyone want from life?

Rowan Winter is a Scottish actor with bases in Edinburgh, London, Los Angeles and New York.

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